rockyourbed (rockyourbed) wrote in bruceatlarge,

room assignments...?

hello fellow you know the housing and residence life website has CHANGED....dramatically...and even though i just recently got my room refuses to tell me who my roomie is....which kind of sucks....

i lived in bruce this last year and it wasn't the case with the old this something new or will it tell me my roomate assignment eventually? i if YOU should let me in on it...because Cocco is NOT a happy camper without knowing what kind of kook shes gonna live with next semester....dig it?


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Well, I got my roommate assignment last year in June and I signed up the second day. And are you the Cocco that lived in the B hallway, 2nd floor?
yeah thats me! and yeah i got my roomate assignmetn last year with my room assignment...but this year i just got a room i got confused...maybe it'll show up later?...oh wells...^_^
i signed up way early and requested the same room, but they havnt confirmed anything for me...