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Great Rack

If you're a drummer with a big kit, you might be interested in this rack I be sellin (more images behind cut):

If you're tired of lugging around cymbal stands and tom hardware, check this out:

It's a Pearl DR-80 rack, bought a few years back. Road-tested, a little dinged up and dusty (I'll clean it up for you if you buy it), but still works great (it's a fancy piece of metal--it won't ever just break). Legs detach (without tools) for easy storage in a backseat or practice room. The only reason I don't want it anymore is because I downsized my kit (no need for a ton of cymbals and drums anymore) and I want to get back the money I spent on boom stands. I'm including FIVE attachments for cymbal arms (I think two of them are a little wobbly, but again, I'll help you fix that with some rubber to make it unnoticeable) and THREE cymbal arms (one of them is just a hair too small, but again, you could either scrap it or fix it up with some tape)--I lost one of them, and I needed another one for an attachment clamp. You can get new arms for 20ish bucks at any music store. The little bell you see on the right side portion is...probably not included. If you want to buy it, it probably won't cost that much, but otherwise I'll detach it when you buy it.

The total of this stuff new would be about 300 bucks, and that's at a discount place. I'm asking $140 OBO.

The last picture is a 6" Zildjian Zil-Bel (sound sample). Don't use this much anymore either. Brand new condition. Would be good for prog rock/metal stuff, and some other styles. Carter Beauford from Dave Matthews' Band uses one, and so does the guy who plays for Jack Johnson. New price is anywhere for 80-130. I'll do it for $45 OBO.

If you are interested, or wanna see it first, leave me a note and I'll get back to you. I WILL TOTALLY GO DOWN ON THESE

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