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Cross-posted to my LJ and any e-group I think might be interested:

Hey brucelings, any music majors/band members out there need a paying gig for the summer? Spread the word about this, we need people pretty soon.

Dallas Shakespeare Fest is looking for some musicians for their performance of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream: the Musical' That's going on in June and July.

Here are the specifics:

-Standard journeyman pop/rock gig, pays $75 a session (rehearsals and shows)

-Looking for a keyboard, bass (five string preferred but not required), drums (trap set), and electric guitar

-Must be able to read music. Yes, this has come up. That's why I'm asking the music-major dorm.

-You need your own instrument and amp for this job. You will be playing outside, and while we call the show if it rains, your stuff might get rained on so make sure you have some sort of cover for your amp. Guitar and Bass should be wireless.

-You'd have to be available Tuesday through Friday nights from 6:30-10:30 for rehearsals (although they may not always run that long), and 12:30-4:30 on Saturdays and Sundays. Serious time commitment, but you'd make over $2000 in a summer and have something really cool to put on your resume.

Here's the sort of musician we're looking for, according to the sound crew:

"We're seeking experienced players who can move butts, expert in pop/rock styles from 70's forward. Infectious, polished groove capability a must. Playing rigs must be suitable for our large outdoor venue, roadworthy, gig-tested, and wireless for Guitar/Bass. Drummer needs a studio/road level kit with some meat, and needs to know how to take a 70's beat and put some smack in it. Keyboardist needs a solid, modern gig-keyboard with excellent piano, Rhodes, Wurlie, B3, etc. sounds, and a good sensibility for suspending harmonies and overall slickness. Someone who can easily handle a Steely Dan/Stevie Wonder set with dead-on harmonies and tones. Guitarist needs full range of lead and rhythm sounds, dialed in and ready to rock, and strong stage presence. Bassist needs a fat solid groove, a la James Jamerson/Chuck Rainey/Will Lee. Double espresso and cigarettes, not chai tea and yoga, for this one."

Copied verbatim from an e-mail from one of our sound designers; I can't tell you what all of that means, but I'm guessing someone out there will have more of a clue than I do.

Anybody interested yet? E-mail Randy Tallman, the Musical Director, at if you have any questions or want to be a part of this, or comment if you have a question for me.

Oh yeah, and tell him Bonnie Cleveland sent you over. They know I'm trying to scare people up for this, so dropping my name would probably help both you and me.

Thanks guys!
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